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(and, puzzles and games)
Please donate them to the Friends of the Pittsford Library.
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A word on donations:
A friend in the sorting room gently tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to remind people donating books that removing the book jacket decreases its resale value. We're happy to receive books either way, but if you're donating a book with a jacket, please send them to us together! Donation Guidelines can be found on the BIG EVENT page , and should help answer any questions on what can be donated (the FACTS page also has a link to these guidelines). Reasonable quantities of books can be donated through the slot in the hallway, and for larger donations, please speak to the Library employee at the Reference Desk to get the word to the Sorting Room staff.
Donate today!
New Book Donation Guidelines

The Friends are going Green!
membership card No more Membership Cards, the Book Sale Postcard Will Do

In an effort to save a few green trees, and also increase the amount of green money we generate for our library, the Executive Committee of the Friends of the Pittsford Community Library has decided to maintain our membership listings electronically, and do away with the blue paper membership cards we have mailed out to active members in the past. 

All the benefits of active membership in our group remain. You will still have the ability to shop our annual sales one day before they are open to the public, and will receive notification of the sales and any special events by post card.  Since your postcard will have proof of your current membership status printed above your name and address, the quickest way to get into our sales on membership night is to bring the postcard with you, thus no need to carry around a membership card to do the same thing. 

If you have any questions about the new policy, please e-mail us at pittsfordlibraryfriends@gmail.com

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Friends of the Pittsford Library

WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR? Wondering what it means to be a Friend of the Library?
The question is answered here. 
  When you buy Books for a $1.00 in the hallway, you are helping to enrich the library. Same if you are buying music CDs, DVDs, or jigsaw puzzles � the money goes to those popular discussion groups, or to fund speakers and musicians. (AND you get to keep the books you buy.)
Thanks to all of you for your purchases, which make a difference in how many great events the library can support. You could even take advantage of some of these events, which you will find on the Library's calendar page.

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If you need to get in touch with us, our street address and phone number are posted on the Facts page now. There's an e-mail link there too, and if you go to the Big Event page, you'll find a button that will bring up an e-mail form to send your preferred e-mail address for an online reminder we'll send out before each major sale (that's the Fall and Spring sales).
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Friends all over: There's a national organization of Friends of Libraries, and their web site may be of interest to you, with lots of library-related items to celebrate. Go to http://www.ala.org/altaff/ and see for yourself
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