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2019 Annual Report for Friends of Pittsford Community Library

The 2018-2019 fiscal year is a record one for fund raising for the library.  We give many thanks to Kay Layton and Margaret Schenkel who supervise the sorting room and Margaret Schenkel and Sharon Spencer who organize and run the two major sales and Kay Layton, Mary Miller, Betty Schenk and Pat Sulouff who have been in charge of the smaller sales.  We are also very grateful to all the dedicated, hardworking sorters who inspect and categorize all the items donated by the generous members of our community without whom we could do nothing.  Finally, we are indebted to all the volunteers, and all the patrons who purchase items during official sales but also from the hall offerings.  Because of this cooperative effort we have been able to earn over $ 60,000 for the library this fiscal year. A portion of these funds have funded the following: 


Adult fiction..................


Adult nonfiction............


Fiction other.................


         YA books...............


         J books..................


         Adult AV................

$8,250 (600 Books on CD; 3500 eBooks; 1150 music; 3000 DVD and Blu-ray)

         J AV.......................

$    500








The Woods bequest at the Rochester Area Community Foundation continues to earn about $6,000 for non-fiction materials which include print and electronic materials.  During the year we also gave nearly new books worth over $2,000 to the librarians to put in the library’s collection.

In addition, the following projects we committed funding for in the previous fiscal year were completed:  self-serve checkout kiosks, new media shelving, and new furnishings for the children’s area.  We also continue to fund the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program which has been very successful.

We also purchased four new stackable chairs with casters for the sorting room to conserve space and still provide comfortable and functional seating for sorters who prefer to use them. 

And, since our book boxes are wearing and our reserves were limited we ordered a supply of new storage boxes once we found a vendor who could make them at a reasonable price.


Tuesday, October 2nd, we hosted the Friends Council of the Monroe County Library System and Rhonda Rossman, our past Director, Jeanne Steinbrenner, one of our Children’s Librarians and Tonia Burton, MCLS Children’s Services Consultant discussed the library’s efforts regarding child literacy which included our 1,000 Books before Kindergarten program.


At our spring and fall sales we started a children’s bag sale preceding the usual bag sale and it is gaining popularity.  Friends also helped with the Children’s book swap.  There were many book pickups by many members of the Executive Committee as it seems our Friends group is the only one offering this.  Gary Wiener and Art Nielsen continue to negotiate sales of textbooks with great success.  Mary Miller, Pat Sulouff, Bobbie Jackson and Beth Hasebe have led the research of potentially highly valuable books, sending them to the Rundel Library.  Another effort by a number of people that is greatly appreciated is the decorating of the hall display window which is always a delight.


Our sorters are the most devoted, hard-working group of volunteers any Friends group could wish for and we are very grateful for all they do.  Since they have retired this year from the sorting room we would like to thank the following for their many dedicated years of service to the library and the Friends:  Betty Schenk, Pat Sulouff, Bette Bodie, Fay Moose, Rosemary VanDerzell, Eva Crawford, Martha Dobson, and Sandy Nelson.  We are very fortunate to have many new volunteers for the sorting room, which means that we are sorting books five days a week now.


We also thank Amanda Madigan, our new library Director, and all her staff for their help keeping our operation running smoothly.  Likewise, the town facilities staff has our gratitude for all they do as well.


Please know that whoever you are and whatever part you play in this huge effort, the Pittsford Community Library wouldn’t be the same without you and for this we are eternally grateful.


        Respectfully submitted by Pam Burch, President of the Friends of Pittsford Community Library

Congratulations to all on jobs well done and thank you for all your efforts!  Together, let’s continue to do our part to serve the library and the community.

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